Mario Routi
orizon book

"Orizon" is a protest and a testimonial. It is an epic anti-war allegoric fantasy portraying the decline of our civilization. Combining reality and fantasy, it traces the reasons behind the misfortunes that plague today's society and harass modern man. It talks about pollution, terrorism, globalization, drugs, fanaticism, political corruption and the corrosion of every kind of freedom and ideal.
This stirring, original best seller is an action adventure taking readers to magic, mythical worlds to witness the unfolding of some of the more important secrets of our times, provoking thoughts and feelings about the deeper meaning of life.
The readers will come to love the many heroes of the story.
They will be angered by the gods, who are the equivalent of today's politicians and all those who arbitrarily decide our destinies. Finally they will come face to face with real Evil, recognizing it from their own daily lives, and try to find the exit from the labyrinth. There are no dead-ends!
This enchanting and moving romance is both a fairy tale and a philosophical work, which dares to shout the thoughts that all sane people keep hidden inside. The book combines the lessons of history, religion and politics in a controversial and gripping plot.

Available for Greek readers only

«At first, the kids of Genti Koule were scared. They didn’t claim nothing outside their borders. But later, the Castles gave them power. They watched how strong, solid and proud the Walls stood. They felt them as family members. The Castles helped them to mature and to grow...
Those pure Greek kids were a race created by immigrants, country kids, islanders and people from every nest of Hellenism.
They flew like birds that were saved from history. They were born from starving bellies...
For a long period, time in Genti Koule seemed to have stopped. It was as if the Upper City had fallen in deep sleep. However, in the Souls of the kids, a special unique world was being build. Strong, creative, thoughtful...»